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The best thing to be in life is kind.

I believe in honesty and communication, so I’ll go first – I am happily married to a wonderful monogamous ace lady.  She know I’m here, and taking my first steps into ENM. ❤

I love telling stories, even more so if people want to involve themselves in those stories.  We can make magic together through creativity and positivity and fun.

You might be able to tell already that I’m a geek.  I love Live Action Role-Play, Dungeons & Dragons, comic books, spaceships, board games.  All that jazz.  Let me know if you’re looking for someone to join your gaming group!

The physical world that we all share is beautiful, and awe inspiring.  I think we all have a certain responsibility to reflect and be worthy of that beauty.  Be kind, be generous, be a source of light for others, share your laughter.

I have no defined agenda in my search; I’m new to the area and looking for friends to hang out and spend time with.  I’m just looking for people who match my vibe and my interests, and if everything aligns maybe we can pursue something more.  No expectations, no obligation, no judgment, no pressure.

I am enthusiastically bi/pan/poly, and I’m a switch in all senses.  Some people tell me I’m a quintessential Libra.

I look forward to meeting everyone.  ❤

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