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Just like any other life changing invention Cruise Ship Mingle started as a result of an unmet need. The founder of Cruise Ship Mingle is an avid Cruiser and has been to more than a dozen cruises to different parts of the world.

As such he is well versed with almost everything that goes on in the world of cruising. Though Modern Cruise Ships are equipped with many features and amenities to keep cruisers occupied and entertained, they can only do so much. They can’t meet everyone’s every need. The truth is different cruise goer go on cruise for different reasons. Though there are many opportunities for people to meet in bars, in dining area, in movie theaters, at the swimming pools and other common areas, these meetings are short and superficial. Before the strangers can develop true trustful friendship, the cruise is back to the Home Port. Most Cruise goers go on cruise to have FUN. However, the truth is its unlikely to have real fun with total strangers. Most people are shy or reserved and would like a platform to sheave chaff from wheat before meeting. Others have family members or close friends on the Ship and would like to get into something discreet without family members finding out.

To meet this need Cruise Ship Mingle was BORN. A platform that provides some anonymity to the 25 million annual Cruise goers to connect by registering and posting profiles about themselves and what they are looking for. With different categories of people to choose from, Cruise name, Departure port, Date of Departure and the Destination of the cruise, the platform makes it easy to do just that. With an inbuilt massager and Live Chat capability, members are able to discreetly send and receive messages to and from people they decide to communicate with. So welcome to Cruise ship Mingle and Join us in making the Unlikely things, happen to Unlikely people, in Unlikely places in Unlikely Manner.


In a Nutshell the mission of Cruise Ship Mingle is providing an amazing platform for cruise goers to connect with other potential cruise goers with the intention of developing chemistry and connection before the eventual meeting on their respective Cruise Ships. At the click of a mouse cruise goers will have millions of potential profiles to choose from and have time to get acquainted with the lucky ones, way before the sailing date. On the departure day those who are fortunate to have used our platform will not be looking or starting new friendships but will be meeting people they had been chatting with and are already friends with. This would help save a lot of precious time for fun On the BIG SHIP. We are aware that different people have different interests and would be looking for different types of connections, friendships or relationships. And with that in mind, our platform has been set up to make sure that everyone has been catered for. The platform is also multilingual to cater for as many as we possibly can. In case there is a category you feel should have been included, please let us know and we would be more than willing to consider it.


With 25 Million people going on a cruise last year, it’s our vision to bring them all on Board. We believe in the “Power of Many” and the more people we get on the platform the better the choice selection for everyone. We want to request everyone on the platform to spread the word to friends and on social media …….for how will they know unless we tell them?


First we need your profile. Without profiles then there is no way cruise goers can connect and the longest journey begins with the first step. Already we have some profiles but we need to build on that. Posting a profile is FREE. You won’t pay a single cent to REGISTER and POST your PROFILE. . However in order to send messages to others, upgrading to paid membership is required. We have two levels of Paid Membership; SILVER and GOLD. SILVER membership allows sending of MESSAGES to other members @ $ 25.00 a month.  Gold membership allows members to send MESSAGES and to LIVE CHAT with other members @ 40.00 a month. Our rates are the best in the industry…. less than half of the industry’s average. Integrity is our bond and therefore we take it very seriously. Unlike many other membership platforms, we at Cruise Ship Mingle do not have a recurrent membership. Members will be required to re-authorize very month if they want to continue using the service. This is designed to protect users from un-authorized or un-intended charge.

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