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Our official name is Cruise Ship Mingle and any contract entered will be with that entity. You must be of legal age to sign up or post a profile on our platform. It’s illegal for anyone under 18 to use our service. To create a fun and pleasant experience for everyone on our platform, we request our members to be mindful of other members. Please stay polite and respectful. Our rule is the golden rule…. To do unto others as you would like them to do to you. Being disrespectful and offensive to other members will not be tolerated. Habitual violators will be permanently blocked from the site. To report behavior unbecoming contact us at contact@cruiseshipmingle.com and we promise to investigate and take appropriate actions. FREE MEMBERSHIP allows members to SEARCH, REGISTER and to POST a profile on our platform for free. However in order to send messages to others, upgrading to paid membership is required. We have two levels of Paid Membership; SILVER and GOLD. SILVER membership allows sending of messages to other members @ $ 25.00 a month.  Gold membership allows members to send messages and to Live Chat with other members @ 40.00 a month. Our rates are the best in the industry…. less than half of the industry’s average. Integrity is our bond and therefore we take it very seriously. Unlike many other membership platforms, we at Cruise Ship Mingle do not have a recurrent membership. Members will be required to reauthorize very month if they want to continue using the service. This is designed to protect users from un-authorized or un-intended charge.

After three months of inactivity, your profile will be placed in the archives whereby it will be invisible to other members but will be available for you to retrieve and update. We encourage members to write a brief description of who they are and what they are looking for. Uploading a profile picture is required to give other members an idea of who they are dealing with. We don’t have strict rules to the kind of pictures to upload other than asking that you be sensitive to other users. Empty profiles without a description or a picture will be suspended until that requirement is met.

Posting of personal contact information in the profile (Email, Phone Number, Kik, etc) is prohibited. Violation of this rule will lead to the deletion of the profile and being permanently blocked from the site.

Last but not least BE SAFE…. We ask our members to exercise good judgment and common sense with people they meet through our platform. This is an online service and just like other online services we DO NOT do background check of the members. A lot of care and precautions should be taken especially while meeting strangers for the first time. Most people are harmless just looking to have fun but there is always that small percentage of bad apples everywhere that you should be aware of. Cruise ship Mingle is an online dating website and therefore does not take any responsibility or bear any liability regarding anyone you decide to meet on this website. We are here to serve you and to make your cruise an experience to remember. If you have any question or a concern, you can contact us at contact@cruiseshipmingle.com and we promise to get back with you within that day. More often than not within an hour.

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